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There are two types (E.T.C & F.P.C.) of solar heaters available in our company. We introduce the solar water heater using very high end technology in market and it produces maximum temperature by “Evacuated Tube”. In each and every evacuated tube have heat rising reflectors & we also increases its length and quality. We designed the inner and outer tank covered by stainless steel and fulfilled by “PUF Insulation” which are prevents from rust formation and heat loss.


  • » Better performance in winter and cloudy days.
  • » No scale formation & pipe blockage will occur by using salt & hard water.
  • » Compressed PUF insulated storage tank to retain the hot water for more than 48 hrs.
  • » Inner tank made of SUS 316L grade surgical steel used in marine application.

ETC (Evacuated Tube COLLECTOR) :

water heater
LPD 100 LPD, 150 LPD, 200 LPD, 300 LPD AND 500 LPD.


Type of collector ETC
Specifications 47x1800 mm.
Number of tube 12,15,18,24,28,35,55.
Frame angle 27 degrees
Inner tank materials Stainless steel 316L grade
Insulation High quality PUF materials
Tank volume 100Ltr to 500 Ltr.
Outer tank Powder coated / stainless steel.
Number of persons to use 3-18 persons

FPC (Flat plate collector) :

plate collector
LPD 100 LPD, 200 LPD, 300 LPD AND 500 LPD.


Material & Thickness Stainless Steel – 304/316/GRP/Boiler grade steel.
Type Cylindrical – horizontally assembled.
Size Ø360, Length 1800.
Insulation P U F.40-50mm.
Outer Cladding Pre coated galvanized Steel / Aluminium
Outer Finishing Pure Polyester Powder Coating finish.
Outer Finish Color White & red or blue combination.
Back up Heater With thermostat control 230V AC.
Tank Supports Fabricated and powder coated M.S. Tube
Tank Testing Factory pressure tested for normal systems is at 2 Kg/cm².
Normal Working pressure of the system Less than 1 Kg/cm².
Interconnection Tank and Collector EPDM Pipe