Safety is never by accident. ‘SUNCARE' mantra since inception has been no accidents, no harm to people, security of personnel, properties, and information, and no damage to the environment.

SUNCARE adheres conscientiously to its HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) norms. All its employees are trained to uphold the credo of "No accidents, no harm to people, safety and security of people, property and information and no damage to environment." HSSE practices at SUNCARE are the bench mark in the Indian solar and other manufacturing industries.

SUNCARE has demonstrated its commitment to this value by way of successful plant operations, installation and commissioning of many off-grid and on-grid projects, with zero incidents. This is a record SUNCARE endeavours every day to repeat for every activity we do. There is a clear cut set of rules, guidelines, procedures and systems so that each person participates in HSSE management systems, whether he is an employee of SUNCARE or of one of its contractors or associates.